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Super impressed with this company!! Great price, excellent customer service, prompt delivery, and product was even better than I expected!

Elizabeth C
Feb 2nd, 2014

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Hello, I would like to introduce myself, my name is Lisa and I have been an employee of, a Division of Recreational Warehouse for the past 16 years. We are one of the largest outdoor patio furniture dealers in the country. We pride ourselves with our uncompromised presence (We are now celebrating 41 years in business!) and our extensive customer service relations. When you contact our retail store to place an order, or have questions, your call will be answered by a professional with many years of experience in the field. One of the reasons we have been so successful in the patio furniture industry is that we order direct from the manufacturer in the highest volume possible to save money and pass that savings on to you. Our retail store boasts a 75,000 square foot showroom with nearly 100 patio sets on display. The space allows us to display a selection of furniture in countless styles, colors, and in a price range that is sure to satisfy any budget. Throughout the years, I have thoroughly enjoyed helping customers both online, as well as in our retail store select furniture that is appropriate for their setting, conditions and use. My desire to develop this blog was to answer any questions you might have about our patio furniture line and guide you to make the best choice for your backyard design. So, any questions?

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  • "Outdoor Living" The Latest Trend
    Outdoor living is the latest trend with so many homeowners designing multi level decks and patios for their backyard entertainment pleasure. Many individuals are looking to improve their lives by devoting more time to appreciate the beauty and serenity of their own backyards. More and more people are looking to reconnect with their family and friends in the comfort of their own home, away from the hustle and bustle of today's world. What better way to achieve that dream than to design a backyard get-a-way that is so special your guests will want to be a part of your outdoor living experience. Kick back and relax after a peaceful dinner celebration that is so enjoyable you'll be looking forward to the next opportunity to entertain. Imagine moving onto a cozy deep seating area to relax with furniture that is as comfortable as the furniture inside your home. You will be content as you savor the warm summer sun with family and friends as time slips away. Let this be the year to begin your planning and design strategy to create a paradise that will be enjoyed each and every day. Designing your backyard oasis is easy with a little help from We have a wide range of patio furniture to fit your space and budget.
  • The Patio Furniture Manufacturers "The Names We Trust"
    Throughout the years we have had experience with numerous outdoor patio furniture companies. Most of the companies are detail oriented and offer high end quality furniture that sets them apart from their competition. This enables them to stand out and be recognized exclusively for their fine engineering techniques and is ultimately the reason their lines are desired and sought after. The companies listed here offer the finest quality outdoor patio furniture made today.
  • Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture
    One of the main benefits to cast aluminum is that the metal is often cost effective in comparison to other cast metals. Along with the lower cost, the metal also retains a high degree of durability. The combination of lower cost and reliable durability makes cast aluminum an excellent choice for a number of products in most applications. Cast aluminum furniture is made by pouring liquid aluminum into furniture molds and then allowing it to cool into the desired shape, this process is called casting. The molds are carved by hand, so elaborate detailing can be achieved. Each section of the furniture is molded separately, then ground down and polished. To complete the product, the pieces are either welded or bolted together. Cast aluminum can be coated with a smooth or textured finish, in single colors or a mixture of several, and coated with a durable commercial powder coating. Cast aluminum furniture is solid, so it weighs more than tubular aluminum and is perfect for windy conditions. Cast Aluminum Furniture is an excellent choice for outdoor furniture and has been for centuries. It has outstanding corrosion resistance due to a thin surface layer of aluminum oxide that forms when the metal is exposed to air, effectively preventing further oxidation. Cast aluminum is one of most chosen materials for outdoor furniture; because of its sturdiness and durability. There are many choices available from traditional patio sets, bar height patio sets, chaise lounges, sofa groups and swivel chairs for maximum comfort and maximum enjoyment in any outdoor setting.

  • Wrought Iron Patio Furniture
    Wrought iron has been used for thousands of years, and represents the "iron" that is referred to throughout history. It has been used in building from the earliest days and has stood the test of time as a decorative and structural building material. The structural use of iron dates from the Middle Ages, when bars of wrought iron would be used occasionally to tie masonry arches and domes. The usage continued to increase throughout the middle ages, initially for construction and weaponry and, later, in an ornamental fashion on churches and monasteries. There will always be those who appreciate the artistry involved in using wrought iron to create beautiful things. Wrought iron will continue to be as it is tough, malleable, ductile and easily welded and will be used through the generations ahead of us for its longevity and beauty. Wrought iron has stood the test of time and is extremely strong and durable, making it a tremendous value because you will enjoy years of comfort and low-maintenance. Because of its weight, wrought iron furniture is not as susceptible to wind and weather conditions as other types of materials. The chair frames are fully welded giving your furniture additional strength and durability. All of our products are supplied with nylon glides for insertion into the leg tips to ensure that your surfaces are never damaged by typical everyday use. The traditional styling of wrought iron, for which it is famous, will add extended value because your furniture will never go out of style. Many sets that were purchased over 30 years ago are still in use and are still in style! Wrought iron is a malleable iron, which allows manufacturers to design furniture that is comfortable, as well as beautiful. In addition, the wrought iron category contains many choices in accessory items such as chaises, teacarts, stack tables, gliders and much more. These items can be purchased to stand alone or to compliment a dining set.

  • Aluminum Patio Furniture
    Aluminum is the third most bountiful element in the earth’s crust and it's most plentiful metal is made from bauxite, a reddish-brown rock discovered in France, in 1821. In 1855 pure aluminum was valued at $115 per pound, more expensive than gold. Napoleon III proudly displayed aluminum cutlery at his state banquets, commissioned aluminum equipment for his military and even had an aluminum and gold baby rattle made for his son. But it wasn’t until 1886 that chemists finally discovered an economical way to separate pure aluminum from its ore.
    Young scientists, Charles Martin Hall of the United States and Paul L.T. Héroult of France, both age 22, independently discovered the way to produce aluminum economically. Hall, under the initial direction of his Oberlin College professor, Frank Fanning Jewett, developed a method for reducing aluminum oxide, called alumina, to pure aluminum by electrolysis. In the electrolytic cell, alumina is dissolved in molten cryolite. A strong electric current passes through the solution and removes the oxygen, leaving deposits of nearly pure aluminum on the bottom of the bath. These deposits are siphoned off and cast into pigs (bars), which is a method that is still used today.
    Two years later, on Thanksgiving Day, a pilot plant in Pittsburgh introduced the first commercial aluminum. This introduction lead to the commercialization of a light, lustrous and non-rusting metal that has revolutionized the world. Today, aluminum is used to make everything from aircraft to art, buildings, power lines and packaging. Most patio furniture that is made from aluminum is very light weight. As a material, aluminum is light, which makes it relatively easy to move and is popular because of its resistance to rust and corrosion due to the thin layer of oxidation that forms when exposed to air. Aluminum can handle all sorts of climate and weather. It will hold up well to sun, extreme heat, cold and salt air. Aluminum is a type of metal that is malleable, making it easier to shape. Aluminum is the most important and abundant metal and has become highly desirable for outdoor furniture use. Home owners will find aluminum outdoor furniture to be of high quality and value because of the many advantages it provides. Though the aluminum is lightweight, it is strong enough to be the primary building material in commercial jets. Aluminum patio furniture is the combination of a sturdy aluminum frame with a mesh back and seat. The aluminum frames will either be extruded or solid and are less expensive than cast aluminum. Aluminum offers extreme durability and is a great choice of furniture for outdoors no matter where you live in the country.

  • Resin Wicker "Deep Seating" Patio Furniture
    In these ever changing times, consumers have more choices to make than ever before. Outdoor furniture is desired for anyone looking to entertain or simply enjoy the outdoors. A variety of furniture materials are available, with resin and wicker being among the most common. Deciding between wicker or resin outdoor furniture is ultimately a personal choice.
    Wicker furniture is more expensive and has a much more extensive history than resin furniture; it was first used as material for furniture made by the ancient Egyptians. The first wicker furniture was made with reeds and swamp grasses. Wicker furniture maintained its popularity until the middle ages when it experienced a slight decline. Its popularity came back because of Victorian societies and it has remained popular until the present day. Wicker furniture is woven from materials such as willow, reed and rattan. It is designed to be sturdy, but it's not naturally resistant to the elements and will last longer if not exposed to water or excessive sun. It needs to be treated with a clear lacquer or varnish before being used outside. Wicker furniture is natural and biodegradable, therefore, water can cause the wicker to rot or mildew. It is best to cover wicker furniture when not in use.
    Resin wicker was launched in the States by immigrants from continental Europe more than a century ago. Resin wicker rapidly gained popularity due to its smooth surface and clean lines. Its sanitary benefits were definitely a benefit, but the main attraction was the durability. The resin material prevents the resin furniture from being effected by harmful rays, snow, rain and many other outdoor conditions. Resin furniture became common when technology to synthesize polymers was created. Most resin furniture is made out of polymer, a high density version of polyethylene plastic. Consumers can have a choice between a modern or a traditional Victorian style that is available in a wider variety of colors, textures and some look like natural wood. The resin material and is made to withstand a variety of harsh environmental conditions. Resin furniture is very sturdy and requires little maintenance with an occasional cleaning with soap and water. This material is UV protected, water resistant, and even if exposed to salt water will not be harmed.
  • Treasure Garden Umbrellas
    Treasure garden offers the latest technology and have continually made improvements on their products performance, each year. Treasure Garden provides a vast selection of colorful and stylish fabric choices. Treasure Garden manufactures umbrellas for commercial as well as residential use, so the umbrellas are both durable and good-looking.
  • Cantilever Umbrellas

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